When I see you, I see the light of you…
the person you were born to be!
Something awakens in me…
for I can see a fast-track…
a beginning, a pathway… a destination
for your success, awakening opportunity into joy
creating ease through every breath, every day
I’m here to help you learn, expand and master
to outgrow me…
as you grow into the brilliance that is you!

I have always cared for people, through nursing, healing, meditation and teaching.

Yet it was my own journey with an aggressive cancer that was so rare, that forced me to care for myself, as I couldn’t rely on medicine to cure me. I needed to find my own pathway towards health, and recovery.

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It was here I found my true purpose, my passion for people and creating a life they loved waking up to. I saw people as essentially good, and knew that with the right support, they could navigate the challenges in life differently, to become the person they were born to be.
So I removed my cancer with surgery and healed it’s source until it never came back.
I turned every aspect of my life upside down.

In doing so, I happened upon the ability to expand my healing ability into my words, into teaching, guiding and creating those many fast-tracks in those who sought me, into mastering change in such a way that the pain of the past ceased to matter. And success came to them, and their success became my own.

My passion for creating change with ease to create abundance in every aspect of life grew and grew, taking me away from the limits sourcing from the challenges and trauma of my childhood and adult years. I used it all, nothing was wasted, and celebrated every little thing.


Karina: creating a fast-track

When you’ve got an appetite for more, discover how you can be firmly in the driver’s seat of change, and do it with ease

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Luxury retreats in incredible locations around Australia and the world to take you away from your normal and introduce you to a whole new way of living a more fabulous life. A fast-track through change with the tools to make it your reality.
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Karina is a master of change for the ease and speed with which she is able to achieve results. She speaks to the heart of you, regardless of the size of your audience, inspiring you to make changes for happiness, health and wellbeing.
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It doesn’t matter where you live, what you’re budget is, how much time you have or don’t have or who you are, Karina’s vision has always been to reach you. Explore her many books, guided meditation albums, and inspirational products.


Karina’s voice is a soothing balm to our stressful and busy lives. Whether you’re experiencing her meditation classes or diving into her learn program, you’ll have everything you’ll need. In person, online & virtual.
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