A whole new potential you hadn’t thought of…
An unimagined level of amazing

What is your life?
Maybe not so bad, but is there more?
Could you be missing your potential?
Born for more, a life that was meant to be more than this

At Bienestar, we’re about change
Nothing gets better without changing up what’s in your now
But change is uncomfortable and even sometimes scary
We get it, but still that’s the destination
So, we provide the support, the nurturing, the guidance and the opportunity for more
A fast-track through where you’re stuck into a whole new level of freedom

Stop living life on replay, every day another version of the one before it…
Our clients are discovering an enormous untapped potential they never knew they had
They’re creating a life that’s more of what they hoped for, but didn’t dare to dream for

Rediscover the pure goodness that lives within you
Allow us to show you the way, to create a fast-track
To make every day one where you wake up to possibility
With the enthusiasm, hope and motivation to make it happen
With Bienestar, it’s a journey towards joy!

Created in 2003 to meet a passion for sharing wisdom, techniques and support.

Bienestar Wellbeing emerged from Flying Souls in 2019.

The Director:
Karina Godwin

Karina Godwin is the founder and Director of Bienestar Wellbeing. She is Mum to her blended family of five children, an Author, Cancer Survivor and a passionate Speaker. A gifted healer, she is the creator of the Meliae (Mee-lee-ay) Intuitive Healing modality, and has over 90 offerings, including life-changing retreats, workshops and inspirational products, all focused upon empowering your happiness and wellbeing.
Karina’s passion is in creating a fast-track to wellbeing, to where you want to be, enabling you to live your best life. n

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