Background Music Artists

The background music on Karina Godwin’s Meditation CD’s have been created by many different musicians. All music has been purchased with the appropriate license. Following is the list of the musicians for each background music track.


Destiny…Put Yourself First

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name  Music Artist
Daily Reset of Spirit to LoveBackground Acoustic  Audio Dealers
Heart HealingVery Emotional Piano  The JR Sound Design
Retuning the Nervous System for Rapid ChangeRelaxing Piano  Stephan Lindsjo
Deleting Self HatredMeditation Piano  Praded
Perspective ShiftMeditation Background  Black-sheep-media
What is TrueMeditation Yoga Healing Background  The JR Sound Design
Becoming KindOn the Plains  JAl2020
Loving SelfInspiring emtoional  The JR Sound Design



Meditations for Joy

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name  Music Artist
Learning the Essence of JoyMinimal Atmospheric Piano main File  The JR Sound Design
Honouring What’s Right for YouRelax Background  Sonic Scope
Expanding Your Heart to JoyInspiring Dream and Relaxing Piano Master  The JR Sound Design
Releasing the Old Patterns of SadnessInspire me Piano Background main file  The JR Sound Design
Letting Go of the DarknessRelax Piano  David Yan
The Breathe of JoyRelaxing Piano main file  The JR Sound Design



Meditations to Relax

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name    Music Artist
Your Safe PlaceMorning Coffee  Foxhole Music
Letting go of StressMeditation Flute  Audio Parrot
From Fear to CourageRelaxing Piano  Korolkov
Serenity in the ForestMeditation Background  Blue Tree Audio
From Island to OceanEmotional  The JR Sound Design
Changing your Stress FactorsMeditative Background  Music Stuff



Dreamland for Kids

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name  Music Artist
Shhh it’s Time to go to SleepMeditation  Hatiko
Washing away the Badness of TodayMeditation  Hatiko
The Magical Cottage, Seeing the Good in MeMeditation  Hatiko
The Magical Toadstool DanceMeditation  Hatiko
Let’s rest in Rainbow LandMeditation  Hatiko



Meditations for Letting Go

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name   Music Artist
Clearing EnergyTravelling by the wonderful universe  Kannonh
Releasing Old EmotionsBackground music of the mountains  Shumator
Mastering the Anger & FrustrationAmbient Calm  Lexmusic
Finding ForgivenessInspiring Love  Bd Productions
AcceptanceCalm Soundscape  Lightning Traveler
Finding JoyLove  Bd Productions



Meditations for Balance

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name  Music Artist
Letting Go of Old HabitsSimply Acoustic Guitar  Music ABC
Too MuchBuilding Piano Inspiration  Bd Productions
Finding Your EquilibriumAmbient Meditation  Bd Productions
Too LittleLovely  Lightning Traveler
Fuelling Your NeedsThrough The Mist  Kannonh
Expanding Your SpiritSentimental Piano  Music ABC



Meditations for Strength

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name      Music Artist
Dissolving the WeaknessAmbient Background     Bd Productions
Connecting to your PowerGentle Acoustic     Hollow Tree
Taking back your StrengthForgotten Love     Music ABC
Releasing the FearAmbient Cinematic Meditation     Bd Productions
Finding Your StrengthsMemories     Hollow Tree
Expanding your StrengthGentle Acoustic     Jack Winn



Meditations to Value You

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name  Music Artist
Feeding Your Soul with LovePiano Soundscape  Lightning Tower
Believing in your GoodnessNice and Positive Emotions  Kannonh
Allowing time for the NewSorrow Piano  Music ABC
Acknowledging and Releasing the OldRomantic  Kannonh
Making the Heart SingLong Journey to Heaven  Kannonh
Seeing the real YouGuitar & Piano Story  Wheatman


Meditations for Loss

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name  Music Artist
Acknowledging the LossCountry Music – Nostalgic  Nostalgic
Releasing the PainEmotional to Epic  Bd Productions
Letting the Anger GoAmbient and Inspiring  Bd Productions
AcceptanceAmbient Sunlight  Mathew Tanner
Creating Good MemoriesQuiet and Nostalgic Piano  Kannonh
New BeginningsFeel in Peace  Kannonh


Meditations to Imagine

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name  Music Artist
Releasing Creative BlocksMedatative Soundscape  Audio Vegan
Opening the ImaginationNo Drums – Beautiful  Lightning Traveler
Awakening the Intuitive PathwayFor Me  Ejo Music
Fueling Your DesiresInnovative Chill  Lex Music
Awakening to New PossibilitiesAcoustic Guitar and Piano  Wheatman
Walking into Your PotentialRomantic Piano  Audio Vegan


Guided Meditations for Study

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name  Music Artist
RememberingBeauty Made Sacred  Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Regurgitating What You KnowPiano and Strings  Mat Kojad
Dissolving the StressThe Essence of Peace  Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Seeing your BrillianceTwilight Keys
Smooth RelationshipsOne Perfect Moment  Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Land of the FutureIt is Destiny


The Best of Being You

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track Name  Music Artist
The Best of YouNature  ilovemedia-es
Being HappyWind of Love  Idanyl
A Confident YouEmotional Slow Motion  ilovemedia-es


Meditations to Reflect

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionEmotional Peaceful Ambient BackgroundLeon_Felekyan
Finding StillnessA Meditationmusic stuffs
Embracing the NowEmotional Peaceful Ambient BackgroundLeon_Felekyan
Remembering with HopeBeauty InspirationalLekalesio
Seeing the GoodAmbient Corporate BackgroundLatae_music
Embracing your GoodnessThis is Ambientcorporateproduction
Imagining a Better WayMinimal Relax Ambientmake_sound


Meditations for Surviving Cancer

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionAmbient Inspiring PianoAlpha_studio
Calm in the Face of the StormCinematic Ambient BackgroundBrightnotes-sounds
A Positive State of MindInspiring Ambient PianoAlpha_studio
Releasing the GriefBeautiful background PianoAnton-1988
Awaken Your Healing PotentialPiano Ambient BackgroundInspirationWave
Creating HopeEmotional Uplifting GuitarGarry Zara
CelebrationInspiration PianoCorporat production


Meditations to Believe

Meditation Track Name   Background Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionClose to YouDaniel Papp
Releasing old ExpectationsPositive Piano and StringsMatkojad
A New AttitudeAtmosphere SliceAlexure
Awakening Your Creative PathwaysClose to YouDaniel Papp
Finding Your CentreAmbient Piano and Clean GuitarPerfect Sound Production
Space to BelieveFeatherDaniel Papp
No LimitsEmotional Romantic Piano and StringsMatkojad


Meditations for Hope

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionInspiring Emotional Piano and stringsMatkojad
Acknowledging the BadMeditationGolden Panther
Making Room for the GoodCarefree DaysMatkojad
Destroying Past LimitationsSuperstring MeditationBodhichitta
Creating New PathwaysTranquilityTenRoomsAudio
Finding HopeSentimental InspirationalMatkojad
Expanding Hope into JoyInspiring Emotional Piano and stringsmatkojad


Meditations for Opportunity

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionDiffuse Glowcurtisschweitzer
Believe in OpportunityDiffuse Glowcurtisschweitzer
Embrace OpportunityMelancholic PianoMusic – ABC
Releasing Old LimitsPowerful Eternal Strings Meditationbodhichitta
A New YouMeditation PianoPhyrin
Imagine Your FutureRejuvenationPantheon Music
Expanding Your DesiresAtmosphericLightening Traveller


Guided Meditations for Love

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionMeditationEva_Kiss Music
Opening Your Heart to LoveThis is Meditation MusicLatex Music
Healing the Heart PainThe MeditationGolden Panther
Awakening to LoveMeditationEva_Kiss Music
Loving OthersMeditation PianoDaniel Papp
Loving YouFor MeditationA_Music
Accepting Your BrillianceIndian Flute Backgroud MusicMusic Stuff


Guided Meditations to Decide


Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionThis is MeditationLatex_Music
Clearing the MindThis is MeditationLatex_Music
Clearing the ClutterIt is Meditation MusicLatex_Music
What Do You Really Want?The Meditation MEva-kiss music
Finding Your Heart’s DesireOn Meditationlatex_Music
Awakening Your IntuitionChurch ChillDaniel Papp
Accessing Your Highest WisdomIs MeditationLatex_Music


Guided Meditations for Freedom


Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionThe MeditationVIP-Sound
Releasing Your SpiritMeditationLavoe
Remembering Your BrilliancePiano InspirationMusic Runner
Dissolving Old AttitudesThe MeditationVIP-Sound
Creating Your Vibration of ChangeYoga Meditation Flute MuscTurpak
Expanding your Capacity for Successdéjà vuDaniel Papp
Living Your FreedomEmotional PianoPasher Strikr


Guided Meditations to Forgive

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionLet GoChris Taranto
Releasing the HurtIn between the StarsChris Taranto
Remember…You’re  More Thanthe night lightChris Taranto
Facing the Pain of DisappointmentLet GoChris Taranto
Time to ForgiveThe Falling RainChris Taranto
Time to Let GoDimensions aboveChris Taranto
Time to Begin AgainSpring LoveChris Taranto


Guided Meditations for Motivation

Meditation Track NameBackground Music Track NameMusic Artist
IntroductionAt Peace with MyselfChris Taranto
STOP!A Time for ChangeChris Taranto
Begin AgainFree Your MindChris Taranto
Finding your DriverUnder the SkyChris Taranto
Addressing the Monkey-MindAt Peace with MyselfChris Taranto
Seeing the Greatness that is YouMoving ForwardChris Taranto
Opening up your PotentialA new BeginningChris Taranto


Guided Meditations for Abundance

Meditation Track NameBackground music track nameArtist Name
IntroductionBlissful SunChris Taranto
Good FoundationsHappy to be PresentChris Taranto
Releasing the AnxietyBlissful SunChris Taranto
Learning to ReceiveBirds of LightChris Taranto
Living in the MomentFeeling FreeChris Taranto
Balancing the FlowMy Place of HappinessChris Taranto
Dreaming of the ImpossiblePeaceful HeartChris Taranto


Guided Meditations for Clarity

Meditation Track NameBackground music track nameArtist Name
IntroductionThe UnveiledPatrick Smith
Where is the Quiet?The Caring TouchPatrick Smith
Letting Go of ControlIn the Arms of HomePatrick Smith
What Can’t You See?Our HeritagePatrick Smith
Opening Your IntuitionRolling RiverPatrick Smith
Expanding the Bigger PictureThe UnveiledPatrick Smith
Zooming into the DetailsBrokenMichael Vignola


Guided Meditations for Anxiety

Meditation Track NameBackground music track nameArtist Name
IntroductionSearching for HopeNeil Cross
Relax, You’ve Got ThisSleeping PeacefullyNeil Cross
Resetting Your FearDreamsLance Conrad
Deleting the WorstThai Relaxing Massage SoundtrackBobby Cole
Embracing the BestSeoulJack Bennett
Creating SupportLight High Classical Piano Music ThemeBobby Cole
Creating Your CentreSearching for HopeNeil Cross


Guided Meditations for Intimacy

Meditation Track NameBackground music track nameArtist Name
IntroductionMagnificent HorizonPatrick Smith
Letting Go of the FearCity LightsJonathan Mogavero
Letting Go of the ResistanceBereavedPatrick Smith
Opening Your Heart to AnotherCalming OmbreLance Conrad
Learning to TrustBelowJack Bennett
Seeing Your LightMagnificent HorizonPatrick Smith
A New Kind of FeelingSovereign HeartsWill Van De Crommert


Guided Meditations for Harmony

Meditation Track NameBack ground music track nameArtist Name
IntroductionMy Beam of LiteChris Taranto
Releasing the ConflictPeaceful RetreatChris Taranto
Releasing the Internal UnrestHarmonyChris Taranto
Seeing Others for RealFloating in the SkyChris Taranto
Seeing Yourself for RealBright VibrationsChris Taranto
Resetting my BalanceMy Beam of LiteChris Taranto
Reigniting HarmonyOceans BreezeChris Taranto





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