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Create the Life You Love Living

Karina Godwin is brilliant at seeing what isn’t working in life, then creating solutions that reconnect your desires in life with the one you’re actually living. She’s passionate about making change easy, and when you understand what isn’t working, you’ll discover a drive to use the tools she creates to make it your reality.

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Life by Design Online Workshop
less than half a day, learning at your pace


DISCOVER the 8 Essential Ingredients




Learn what you’re missing and how to get it
Wake up each day with
renewed purpose and happiness


Imagine a Life You Love… then Create It!


If you were to wake up to your life as it is today for the rest of your life, would you still love it?
What if life could be even more than you ever imagined?
Imagine having both the mindset and the time to really enjoy every day
Not only better, but more!


Living life with greater ease
with a plan to make it your reality,
as easy as changing one thing a day
Imagine what life looks like then…


Waking up happy and enthusiastic for the day ahead
Confident in mastering the challenges of the day
Feeling good about yourself and your potential…


Imagine if you could look into the future…
You’d see that you can’t imagine all that is possible…
You’d wish you’d started earlier, that you’d had that recipe


Are you impatient for change?
Don’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for things to get better on their own
No-one is going to do it for you


Create the results you dream of…
Create the focus and how to initiate the right changes at the right time
to create happiness in life, in love, in friendship and in your work.


We don’t learn this at School!

Not only are the secrets to a life you’ll love living not taught at school, they’re also not seen as a priority. It’s all about our achievements and less about enjoying life. For if we only ever measure ourselves on that, we’ll always feel like something is lacking. For it is not our achievements that create our happiness, it’s how we feel inside. Spend less than half a day learning the secrets on how to feel better inside, to find yourself more creative, productive, inspired and capable

So, we’re living life back to front! Time to make everything right…

The success of your entire life fuels from how you feel inside

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What you will Learn:


The 8 Ingredients for a Life you Love Living

Receive Karina’s Recipe to hang on your wall: a constant reminder for ongoing results

Watch as Karina walks you step by step through her proven Recipe for Success

Identify each essential ingredient and how to ensure they’re working for you
Create a new focus, with a clarity on what’s important


Motivation & Tools
Not just book learning, learn how to create it for yourself, no matter how busy your lifestyle
A mindset change that supports your desire to continually grow your happiness
As you listen to inspirational real life examples, you’re creating a picture of the new you
Managing stress and anxiety technique
Guided Meditations


The New You!
See the bigger picture of what you’re missing
New choices & priorities to create the biggest difference
Understand what you’re really seeking in your life
Embrace change as your new best friend


What Can you Achieve?


8 video lessons that spell it all out
A plan that will create a life you love waking up to
Results: listen, learn and do!
Improve your life day by day, and own the changes
Expect to see things differently, and maybe change direction!
Create the structure that allows you to access your potential
For those impatient for success, the more you do, the more you create!


Her Results: What People Say


“My Life has never been better!”  Melissa, Melbourne. VIC

“For those of you out there that need the change and want to love themselves more, there’s not a safer, more nurturing environment.”  Libby, Melbourne. VIC

“Nothing short of a miracle. Karina is absolutely amazing and not having her as a part of you life means you are missing out on so much potential that you are not unlocking. Reach out to her today and it will be one of most rewarding experiences that you will ever have.”  Karen, Bentleigh. VIC


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