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Inspire 4 Day Luxury Retreat, Port Stephens, NSW, 13 - 16 March 2023

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ARE YOU YEARNING FOR SOMETHING YOU CAN’T DEFINE? WISHING FOR A LIFE THAT WAS MORE? Do you imagine that there’s something more… not exactly something definite… Just an idea that there could be more, that you could be more… What if it was true? What if there was a whole lot of something that was possible, just out of reach because you are not connected to your brilliance

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Ignite 2 Day Luxury Retreat, Lorne, Vic, 20 - 21 May 2023

 Ignite is the natural state of awakening possibilities for the life you so yearn to be living…

Whether it’s more or better, with the ability to ignite, you’ll have available your natural state of motivation and drive. When you seek success, the long way just won’t do. Ignite is about checking into your natural ability to create a fast-track to your desired success.  Ignite is a journey in truth, of all that you have forgotten. It’s the awakening of your Spirit, the discovery of your innate power to make things happen, the motivation and drive to do and be. It’s a return to the child-like you, who could create the energy and passion to make anything happen if you had the taste or desire for it …..…  Read More.




Target Pure Joy 5 Day Luxury Retreat, Fraser Island QLD, 21 - 25 August 2023

Bienestarwellbeing - target pure joy workshop

ARE YOU TIRED OF WAITING FOR HAPPINESS? TIME TO TARGET JOY INSTEAD! Our destination: an island amongst the whales, where their whale-song has your heart opening to joy, where the energy inspires you to step up and create something really special: the ability to wake up so excited for the joy your feel inside!

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