There’s always something happening at my centre, Bienestar Wellbeingonline or at one of our incredible luxury retreat locations. Check out what’s coming up!

Advanced Meliae Practitioner Training 27th & 28th August 2022

For our Graduates of Meliae Intuitive Healing Practitioner Training, take your healing skills to the next level.

Location: Bienestar Wellbeing 5/321 Charman Rd Cheltenham




Abundance 2 Day Luxury Retreat 10th & 11th September 2022, Little Italy, Melbourne, VIC

Abundance flows like a river: you’re either swimming against the current or with the flow. You deserve to be abundant, but most of us don’t allow it to be: you’re either unknowingly blocking it, you can’t imagine it being any better or you just don’t know what to do to make it real for you. That’s what this retreat is about, it’ll take 2 full days in the classroom to unpack your old ways and align you into a greater sense of ease in creating the abundance you so deserve….…  Read More