There’s always something happening at Bienestar Wellbeing: at our centre, online or at one of our incredible luxury retreat locations. Check out what’s coming up!

Kind Conversation 1 Day Workshop, 5th December 2021, Cheltenham, VIC

Kind Conversation isn’t about being walked all over, it’s about channelling your internal wisdom into intelligent and Soul feeding communication, that keeps your relationships with everyone healthy and balanced. It’s about managing whatever you face without the regrets of what if I…  Read More

Restore Me 4 Day Luxury Retreat. 14th - 17th March 2022, Byron Bay & Kingscliff, NSW

A journey of healing, of letting go of all that keeps you in a place of resistance, ill-health or unhappiness.

Restore Me creates the essence of safety in any situation, an internal faith in you and your ability to restore your circumstances or mindset to a state of balance, with the clarity to return you to your destiny path. For we were each born with a purpose, being connected enables you to see exactly how to keep your alignment with all that you were born to do and be. Read More