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Affinity 2 Day Retreat

Date of Event: 1 May, 2021 - 2 May, 2021

Event Location: Hepburn Springs, Vic


Affinity is for new and existing relationships that matter. For having experiences with people that feed you both, with kindness, productivity and even profitability.

When we talk about Affinity, we’re talking about connection. Connecting to people you love, people you care about and those who move in and out of your life… in a way that feeds your happiness and contentment in life. It’s communication, intimacy and making a difference to each other. It’s a closeness and safety that you didn’t know you were yearning for.

It’s a big journey in 2 days, but one you’ll make because your people matter, because you yearn for happier and longer lasting relationships in all areas of your life. It’s about unpacking your old ways and leaving behind your baggage. A new start requires us to go deep, but not in a way that will hurt, rather one that will set you free into a life of contented and productive interactions going forward.

It’s about learning your affinity style and how to master it into ways of communicating and experiencing people in a way that has you waking up and looking forward to what the day will hold.

Are you ready for that? For greater kindness, connective and happier relationships?

Affinity is for those wanting to expand and grow their relationships, and for those who want to mend what isn’t working.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the first days of your wonderful new life.


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