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Harmony 2 Day retreat

Date of Event: 11 Sep, 2021 - 12 Sep, 2021

Event Location: Red Hill, Victoria

Harmony is all about how you place yourself in the world, how you utilise this gift we have called life. Harmony is such a state of peace that you fail to imagine how you lived without it.

In the state of Harmony, you live within a balance of what you give and receive, and how you feel. It’s creating a platform of contentment, an emptying of internal and external conflict into an ease in managing life’s challenges.

If you can imagine taking yourself from tired, disinterested and somewhat bored into a sustained state of enthusiasm with an energy to match, you are probably well on the way to achieving harmony.

Harmony is an inspired way of living, where you find yourself able to iron out the bumps of the challenges of life in a way you never thought possible. It’s simply like sailing into the days of your dreams.

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