Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect after my healing?

  • No two healings are the same, but our clients tend to have similar experiences. Feeling spacy or dizzy when you sit up or get up is normal. Your energy has been realigned and will now be flowing at a vibration closer to joy than when you arrived. This spacy, joyful feeling will typically last 3-4 hours or the time it takes you to process and integrate the changes. When it disappears, it does not mean the healing has worn off, rather that its working just as expected.
    You can be emotional, enthusiastic or deeply tired. You will receive an After Your Healing aftercare sheet on leaving which can also be accessed in our Aftercare section on this website.
    Changes from a Meliae Intuitive Healing can continue over a few months, and can most easily be measured by how you’ve reacted or felt in similar situations in the past.

I’m not feeling very well after my healing, what should I do?

  • Check the After Your Healing Aftercare sheet you were given or look at it in the Aftercare section of this website. There are situations that are normal post a healing, but if you’re in doubt about how you’re feeling, let us know. Often it’s a small tweak in energy or suggestion that will do the trick.

Can Meliae Intuitive Healing fix anything?

  • Meliae Intuitive Healing is an unlimited healing modality but there are a couple of things that will affect the success of your healing. In saying this, Karina’s cancer had no cure at the time of her diagnosis. She used a combination of medicine (she was a nurse) and healing and is a success story that’s hard to argue with.
    1. Are you ready to heal and let go, often we want to but the body/mind is not yet ready?
    2. What do you believe? If you don’t believe something can be healed, this will block its release
    3. Soul Choice: it doesn’t happen often, but there are things your Soul has chosen for you as learning tools in this life. These will not release.

I can’t get an appointment online? Do you have a waitlist or are there secretly available appointments?

  • Contact us to find out. Sometimes we can squeeze you in or see you out of hours. We also have a waitlist that will enable you to access any cancellations: email us to be added. If your need is urgent, please phone or email us to organise a time to discuss.

How does a distant healing work?

  • Meliae Intuitive Healing uses energy to realign and release blocks within the energy system for a greater state of physical and emotional wellbeing. The movement of energy is instant between the healer and its
    intended space and the distance does not create a delay. Thus, we find that we can affect the same healings whether you’re at Bienestar Wellbeing or somewhere else in the world. We’ve even had clients on planes, and in the middle of a typhoon and yet still create the same incredible results. We know how effective they are as our clients continue to book their healings through this method as necessary.

Can I stay in the room for my child’s healing?

  • Of course, you can if that’s what you and your child desire. Or you can take a well-earned break if you prefer. We like to work with you and your child so that you both feel comfortable and safe in the healing. If the healer feels that there’s something blocked that would heal better without you in the room, we suggest you step outside for a short time to allow that to happen. Sometimes kids don’t want to worry their parents or find it difficult to potentially upset them by noting that there’s been an upset. No relationship is perfect, nor is any child or parent: we’ve seen it all so you can relax, knowing we’ll take care of this. Our desire is for family harmony and a happy and healthy child. Karina’s children have all had healings alone with our healers, she wouldn’t employ someone she wouldn’t trust with her own child.

I’m Pregnant: Is healing okay for me and my baby(s)

  • Our pregnant clients regularly seek healings. We have special cushions to support your body on its side (usually after 20weeks gestation it’s difficult to lie on your back).
    Babies are surrounded in their own protection after they’ve soaked up all the healing they desire, (as in anything a foetus takes what it needs first) and then your healing begins.

What age do you recommend for a child healing?

  • Our babies and children love having a healing that makes them feel happier, smarter and more capable. The healing is age appropriate, our youngest client had its first healing on the way home from hospital.


I’ve never meditated before? Can I join any class?

  • All classes are guided meditations to soft music in our relaxing space. They’re created to ensure both beginners and advanced students receive a great meditation experience. So choose the time that suits you.

I have an injury: can this be accommodated?

  • Of course, you can sit, lie down with a pillow supporting your back or we can work around your needs. Whether its sitting up or in a wheelchair or providing more pillows or a pregnancy pillows to make you comfortable, we’re well prepared.

What if I can’t meditate?

  • Just relax and enjoy the quiet and atmosphere and focus upon your breathing. Allow your thoughts to come and go and you might just find yourself losing time or slipping into that magical meditation state. Meditation takes practice, so allow yourself permission to grow into your ability to meditate.

I’m pretty busy, are the classes casual?

  • We live busy lives too, so we know the importance of flexibility. All of our classes are casual and we offer special packs at discounted prices to help you stay committed. We recommend booking in advance which can be done via which shows live availability, to avoid missing out on one of our limited places.


I’m new to Bienestar Wellbeing, are the retreats suitable for a newbie?

  • Some of our best results have occurred to participants on their first retreat. Don’t hesitate, if you’re thinking about coming or have been drawn to a retreat, you can rest assured that your Soul is craving it.

How intense is a retreat?

  • Letting go of the old and paving a pathway towards the new is of course going to change you and take lots of change to get you there. It’s a challenging 4-5 days filled with lots of support, nurturing and encouragement. But you’re not alone, our students make friends easily and each retreat has support staff alongside Karina facilitating the retreat. Our graduates are often enrolling in their next retreat before they’ve left so I guess that says it all.

Do I have to do all of the days of the retreat?

  • Absolutely and there are no exceptions! Our retreats are designed to work in layers, so you need the foundations of each part of each day to build the massive changes you’re seeking. That’s why our retreats are ideally away from home, to enable you to get away from it all for a sense of clarity that’s hard to achieve amongst your normal pressures and expectations.

Is the retreat based on pair or group work?

  • Whilst the group tend to like to gather in the bar, pool or choose to explore the area together, the retreat itself is a solo pathway to create the change you require. All exercises, meditations and experiences in class have no pair or group work. Our adventure days find us traveling and experiencing our locations together, but may include a meditation the whole group does or introspective exercises done alone.


I can’t get to Bienestar Wellbeing, what can I do to support my learning from here?

  • We offer online learning for some of our workshops, check each workshop to see if its offered. If this isn’t suitable, you can use one of Karina Godwin’s many inspirational products which were tools created as further options to those who wanted to do more at home or couldn’t access us in person.

My online program is not working, who do I contact or what do I do to fix it?

  • Please email us asap and include your phone number with exactly what you’re experiencing and what is going wrong. That way, we’ll be able to point you towards the best solution.