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Find My Tribe Workshop

You might not be alone… but are you happy?

Have you got the right people in the right roles in your life?

Some of us are surrounded by people, often good people, yet we’re not content, perhaps even lonely…

Life hasn’t turned into what you dreamed of…

Is this you? 


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Did you know it takes 10 different types of individuals to take up 10 very specific roles in your life to be truly happy? 

This is the ultimate workshop for creating the life you love living…

For how can it be the life you love, if you aren’t surrounded by the people who empower you to create the greatest happiness? But what does that really mean? Who are your people? What makes a tribe?

Join us on this introspective experience, where you’ll discover who you really are, what makes your heart sing… whilst learning how to identify and attract those people who reflect that.

Your tribe are the people who support you, they love you as you are and most importantly, with them around you, you can be brilliant…

No more pretending: these guys just love you for you!

If you don’t know what you’re missing, you can’t create change. Karina is the Changemaster, she specialises in helping you to identify what is missing in your life and creating the insights and practical, simple tools and techniques to make your life one you love living.

This program has been created to help Karina meet her goal of transforming the lives of 20,000 people by July 2020, using her many transformational retreats, workshops and inspirational products.

Be one of the first to experience the success that will inevitably follow this fantastic 1 day intensive workshop

Teacher: Karina Godwin – via our online Learning Portal

Duration: 7 Hours of teaching in 8 seperate videos

Cost: $400 AU per person

Karina Godwin has taken personal development to a whole new level and you’ll find yourself enjoying a whole new way of living, driven by an internal way of evolving and healing. Find yourself driving your own transformation and leaving with tools, skills and the knowledge to create the life you dream of.





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