We’re all about creating offerings that fast-track your ability to create success in the life you yearn for. But we get that there isn’t always the budget to do everything and besides, it’s always nice to get a freebie. Free they might be, but they’re all powerful tools to support you and they would normally come at a cost. Enjoy!

Reset Meditation

Use daily to ensure your energy stays balanced
and connected

Inspiration Card

Access our gallery of inspiration cards
to get your inspiration for today


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Choose to Change Webinar

60 minutes of retreat style learning facilitated by Karina Godwin.

Creating a Positive Attitude: What to do when life is heading out of control.


Create the Life You Love Living Online Workshop

$45 for almost 4 hours of learning from Karina Godwin
Save 75% off normal teaching prices

It might not be FREE, but it’s so discounted, it’s close