Freedom to Choose!
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Freedom to Choose 

4 Day Luxury Retreat


Location: Sedona, Arizona, USA
Dates: September 23 – 26, 2019




Freedom is living a life without limits,

the way you really want to live:

it’s literally a licence to choose your destiny!

What could the Red Rocks of Arizona bring you that you couldn’t get at home?
Ask the participants of any of Karina Godwin’s recent retreats why they’re signing up for more, and they’ll tell you the results are worth any price. They know their life will change, and it’s a change they’re able to continue to make for themselves on an ongoing basis. Ask them why they’d travel to Sedona and they’ll tell you Karina’s locations are amazing: they really support and even fast-track your results!

If you’re learning from Karina Godwin, be ready to create a whole new life of empowered living, one that you choose: minus the limits! This is a once in a lifetime experience…

Our destination: The Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona, USA… one of the most powerful energy centres of the Earth. The Hilton Resort at Bell Rock, Sedona is set amidst the spectacular beauty of the magnificent red rock formations surrounding Sedona. The allure of Arizona’s high desert promises an unforgettable journey of discovery, recovery of your Spirit and unforgettable change.

Freedom… what is it?
It’s being empowered to make the choices that will make your life the one of your dreams, one that inspires others, one that creates a legacy: big or small. For you can and will make a difference when you present the best version of yourself each day, you’re so much more than you imagine.

Question is: how ready are you for a new level of success?
What would you miss if you didn’t attend? Well, that’s kind of like asking what life would be like if you couldn’t access the internet. You simply don’t know what’s possible unless you turn up and learn.

If you’re anything like Karina, you’re always looking for more: that something to fill the pit of yearning that sits within your gut, that desire to really create something greater. Yet success doesn’t come from staying where you are, settling for okay and being led by someone else’ s rules or desires. This Freedom retreat is about empowered living: learning to live on your own terms and creating the changes in your mind-set and behaviour to make it happen. For how can you expect greater Freedom if you simply stay the same?

Yet, Karina makes that change easier than you’d think possible. There’s no doubt 4 days with Karina is a big experience, she’s literally passionate about creating a fast-track to a life you love living and is committed to getting the results. She provides the support, and the know-how. This is a path she’s already travelled.

With the insight, understanding and realistic and practical tools to take home, you’ll not only be creating and furthering your transformation, you’ll be living a new version of it each and every day.
Are you ready to change? Just how good can life get? It’s up to you…


Hear about the amazing benefits of this retreat
  •   Skills, techniques and knowledge to make your own transformation and own it!
  •   Develop your sense of freedom whilst hiking to a vista of the Red Rocks you’ll never forget. You’ll get to our hike point via 4WD vehicles.
  • An evening of experiences to capture the energy of our unique environment to create your Freedom plan, including star-gazing
  • A gift on Day 1 registration
  • Breakfast Day 1, Daily Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea. Starlight Dinner day
  • Accommodation and travel to the venue (***we recommend you stay onsite with our special rates or close by)
  • Meals not specified above
  • Optional afternoon at-cost activities on Day 4 (details available at venue website)


 Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa at Bell Rock


A Taste of your Experience:


Day 1:

7am – 8am                       Welcome Breakfast

8am – 4.30pm                  Destiny

Understanding the concept of freedom and its lack of limits, of what you were born to be and then seeing how the past is drowning your potential


Day 2:    

8am – 4.30pm                  Release

It is not possible to create change without first undoing that which gets in your way. Identify and release that which prevents Freedom for you!


Day 3:

8am – 4.30pm                 Freedom

Build what you lack, create what you need and set the framework for success when implementing all that you’ve learnt into your tomorrows. Life is limited only by

your imagination, understand the how and why to ensure Freedom is turning up for you each and every day.


Day 4:

7.30am – 12 noon        Jeeps to the Red Rocks where you’ll hike to see Freedom, return by Jeep

12 noon                         Collect your Lunch to GO (more time for your afternoon experiences)

12 noon – 5.30pm        Freedom to Choose Activities: DO what YOU want to do? e.g. spa, gym, further hiking, visit a Vortex, Slide Rock, swim in Oak Creek or the hotel

pool, explore Sedona’s art district, shopping, markets (Activities at your Cost)

5.30pm – 9.30pm        Karina has invited special guests to assist her to create an unforgettable

                                                          evening: to amplify and lock in your Freedom plan for the future. Connect

                                                          to your new reality as you capture the incredible energies of this unique

                                                          location and the stars above. Includes an incredible meditation, creating your

                                                          freedom plan, dinner and star-gazing. Don’t be Late!

Sedona is an incredibly special location, something that everyone should experience in their lifetime. We will be exploring some of its famous Red Rocks, but there is so much more. Whilst our days are very full, if you’d like to see and experience more, we suggest you add extra time before or after your trip: look to the resort and Sedona information websites for other activities. Check out these video for inspiration:

Pink Jeep 4WD Tour
Hilton Sedona Queen Room

What others have said of their Retreat Experience:

Karina’s results are amazing and life-changing and I wouldn’t be standing here today if that wasn’t the case.


I will always be grateful. I will cherish this experience. I’m already thinking for the next retreat… my husband doesn’t know this yet, but I’ve already manifested that we will be going, despite our very hectic, busy schedules. Thank You, Karina,! Christina

It’s really important for guys to come to these types of retreats because you actually don’t realise what you’re missing out on. You think that you know it all, you know actually what’s really important in life and what’s really important to you. What Karina does is that she actually opens another side of your brain and another side of your body that you didn’t realise actually existed… it makes you appreciate things a lot more and really appreciative of what she does for you.


I am alive, I am present and I am not going back to the old me. I don’t even know who she is or where to

find her.


You’ll be going “My God I’ve got a brand-new life; I’ve got a brand-new attitude and I’m loving my life.”


It’s given me insights into who I am and what I want to be and how I want to live my life going forth from today.

I don’t know how more to express how amazing it was and the transformation internally that I feel and I know that if I fall off track a little bit, there’s some amazing support for me if I need to tap into it.


No matter who you are, where you come from, no matter what you’ve done in life, to come here, to find yourselves, to start to love yourselves and to make the change for the rest of your life.

I cannot recommend this week to other people enough. Even if you don’t know what it’s going to bring to

you, take a chance, give it a go, see how amazing your life can be!





Voted as the most beautiful place in USA, the red rocks of Sedona carry an incredible energy, said to be the centre of energy vortices. This is a once in a lifetime type of location that you won’t want to miss, especially when combined with the unique learning and transformation available from the retreat. Don’t forget your hiking shoes, hat & sunscreen.Hilton Resort at Bell Rock

90 Ridge Trail Drive, Sedona. ARIZONA 86351

Phone: +1 928-284-4040

Accommodation Options:

We recommend you retreat to the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock for your Freedom Retreat accommodation. It certainly adds to the experience! We have negotiated an incredible rate for you and have a small number of rooms reserved at this rate.

To book one of the reserved rooms to access this rate, you need to contact us for the booking link.

If you book without it or there are no rooms left in our allocation, you will not have access to these rates. Please book your accommodation ASAP to access one of these rooms, even if you have yet to finalise the retreat with us. This is a very popular time and Sedona typically books out in advance each year.

Our negotiated Retreat accommodation rates are from US$269 per room plus taxes (2xQB or 1KB plus sofa). Rooms include free internet, have 50% off resort fee (now US$10), access to athletic club and 15% off Signature spa services, 10% off pro-shop. We are able to extend these rates up to 3 nights prior to the retreat, based on availability. Breakfast days 2-4 are at your own cost.

If you book without it or there are no rooms left in our allocation, you will not have access to these rates. Please book your accommodation ASAP to access one of these rooms, even if you have yet to finalise the retreat with us. This is a very popular time and Sedona typically books out in advance each year.

How to Get There:

Sedona is located within the State of Arizona about 2hrs from Phoenix. There are connecting flights to Phoenix from most major cities in the USA. If you are travelling direct from Australia, International flights to Los Angeles can connect to Phoenix Airport (although you will need to book that flight separately for when you proceed through customs and immigration. We recommend you purchase travel insurance upon booking.

Shuttles are available direct to Sedona from Phoenix Airport e.g. Arizona Shuttle between Phoenix Airport and the Hilton Sedona: approx. US$55-60 each way
Car Hire can be organised from Phoenix Airport if you wish to drive to Sedona and have the freedom to explore the area. Ensure you take your driver’s licence and check the insurance details carefully on booking.

Keep in mind that international retreat locations will often mean some degree of jet-lag. Please arrive a day or two earlier to allow your body to adjust.



      *Full Payment Due by June 30, 2019                    Sample Payment Plan: 3 x $1217, 5 x $730, 10 x $365

Payment Plans are offered as monthly instalments, due 1st day month, charged to your credit card, or as approved. To take up a payment plan you will need to complete a contract of payments. Contact us for payment plan details.


Why do a retreat with Karina

Contact Us:

Contact the Retreat Co-ordinator for answers to your enquiries about the retreat, accommodation or travel. We want you to have the most amazing time on this retreat and are here to help you create that.

Phone: 0421 591 665 (International: +61 421 591 665)         Email:


Terms & Conditions:

Retreat attendance is required for the specified time, if you cannot commit to attending all sessions, we suggest you book a retreat where you can. Retreats are created with a cumulative effect of teaching, to ensure the full results.
We recommend you book flexible flights & accommodation as all retreats are subject to minimum numbers and may be rescheduled should this quota not be met. We will not be held responsible or liable for any penalties or financial disadvantage that you may incur as part of any cancellation. Retreat enrolment fees are non-refundable, but may be transferable at the discretion of Karina Godwin. Discounts (if available) are applicable strictly to the full payment price point, are single use and time limits strictly apply. Full Payment rates apply strictly to the dates specified, after which ‘up to 3 instalments’ rate applies. Retreat numbers are limited; your enrolment is confirmed only by payment in full.




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