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Inspire Me… 

4 Day Luxury Retreat

On hold Due to Covid-19 (September, 2020)

Location: Turtle Bay, North Shore Ohau, Hawaii, USA


Early Bird Discount Available until 30 June 2020


$4,200.00 $3,850.00

Are you yearning for something you can’t define?

Wishing for a life that was more?


Do you imagine that there’s something more… not exactly something definite…?
Just an idea that there could be more, that you could be more…
What if it was true?
What if there was a whole lot of something that was possible, just out of reach because you are not connected to your brilliance?

What if you could be more, create more than you had supposed?
What if there was a whole world of possibilities out there that is yet to be tapped?
What if you just needed to capture the ability that lives inside of you… let’s face it, we use barely any of our brain, so there’s a whole lot more that could be possible…
But how would you know? How would you do it?
Well, that’s where the Inspire retreat comes in…
It’s about really living life, rather than just existing.

Manifesting rapid change in people is Karina Godwin’s gift and if she has 4 days to amplify it, you can bet that you’ll be changed at the end. Seeing possibility, seeing yourself differently and armed with a whole lot of tools to make your world a whole lot different.

The Inspire Retreat is about removing limits, embracing possibility and connecting into your untapped and innate intelligence to make it all happen, and there’s no better place than Hawaii to make it happen!
It sounds like a fairy tale, yet aren’t we inspired by fairy tales every day that we experience within our movies, our stories…

Expect to be inspired, expect to be prepared, yet know that to create a whole lot of new, we’ll need to destroy a whole lot of old… all the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that keep you where you are, that even keep you stuck.

Why should everyone else have the life you’re yearning to lead? Join us in the Hawaiian Islands, use its beauty and its incredible energy to amplify the experience that Karina has planned for you. Expect that you will awaken the enormous potential that lies within you!

Our results… beyond incredible. Karina’s retreats have proven to be a fast-track to creating results that you’d never have imagined. I’ve a feeling that your life is about to step outside your imagination and into the place of your dreams!

Immerse yourself in these life-changing retreats, knowing that you’ll never be able to be the same again. Karina Godwin’ s ability to create rapid change will be met with your new ability to create rapid and significant change in life, no matter what it brings, what people say and what would have formerly seemed impossible.

That’s the secret: the ‘I-m’ in impossible! It’s you and it’s entirely up to you, for no one else is ever going to bring you the life you’ve been dreaming of! So, join us to learn how, to open up the parts of you that have laid dormant, that have the capacity to empower a whole different existence. You’ll know how and you’ll have the tools and insights you need to make transformation not only realistic, but real!

You’ll become an inspiration for others as you attract people and opportunities that make every day one that builds a whole lot of possibility for each day in the future.

Are you ready? Can you imagine just how good your life can get? Are you ready to learn how? Get ready for change that will open up your ability to manifest the life you desire. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it earlier, why you lost your inner-connection to your innate and seemingly magical ability to create what you desire and yearn for in your own world.

You had me at Aloha… I’ll see you there!




  • 3 days of Immersion with the brilliant Karina Godwin as your facilitator
  • 1 day of unforgettable adventure, culture and activities to immerse you in your state of Inspire and the energy of Hawaii
  • Skills, techniques and knowledge to make your own transformation and own it!
  • Develop your innate ability to manifest as you connect every day to the healing waters of Hawaii
  • A memorable 3hr zip line, experience on a working farm with incredible views of the North Shore
  • Experience Hawaii’s best Luau amongst the Polynesian Cultural Center
  • A gift upon arrival for registration
  • Daily Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Luau dinner on Day 4 


  • Accommodation and travel to the venue (we recommend you stay at our special rates or close by)
  • Meals not specified above
  • Optional desired at-cost activities (details available at venue website)


Hawaii is one of those magical places, a destination that probably features upon everyone’s’ wish list! Inspire is all about taking your wishes and making them real, so start with joining us on the ‘gathering island’ of Oahu, known for its incredible beaches, amazing scenery, soaring volcanic forests and of course the eating, dining and shopping in Honolulu. We’re taking you away from the busy-ness of Honolulu, and indeed your lives into the beautiful North Shore. Expect to be stunned by the beaches around us as we stay in Turtle Bay, where you’ll be able to snorkel and see the Hawaiian Turtles at close range. It’s an extraordinary experience and a location to match!

This is a once in a lifetime type of location that you won’t want to miss, especially when combined with the unique learning and transformation available from the retreat. Don’t forget your swimwear, those waters are amazing!

Turtle Bay Resort
57-091 Kamehameha Highway
Kahuku, Hawaii 96731
Phone: (International: +1 808-293-6007)


A Taste of your Experience

Day 1:       8am – 4.30pm   Identify & Connect

It’s hard to understand what’s possible, if you don’t know your own potential. Open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing yourself and the world

                    4.30pm Daily    Hawaiian Soak

To release all of the energies and emotions of the day and to welcome in a whole new level of creativity and imagination, soak in these sheltered waters to fully experience the magical energies of the Hawaii

Day 2:        8am – 4.30pm  Connect to the Unlimited

t is not possible to create possibility when the pathways of your energy are not aligned to your potentiality. Release what doesn’t serve you, to embrace all that could actually become your life you just love living

Day 3:       8am – 4.30pm  Create

Learn to create a life where you step out of existing and surviving into a life you yearn for: a life where you start really living, a life where you thrive!

Day 4        All Day   Adventure & Culture Day (schedule available closer to date)

A mix of activities chosen by you and us to expand and lock in your new state of Inspire, including a 3hr active adventure with some of the best views possible on a zip line, as you invite all that is possible into your new reality.

                   5.30pm – 9.30pm

Creating an unforgettable end to an incredible retreat: of course, Karina has something special planned. No one should leave Hawaii without having experienced a traditional Luau ceremony and this is exactly what we have planned for your dinner tonight. Expect the best of Hawaiian culture right in front of you as you enjoy a traditional Hawaiian feast.

Accommodation Options

We negotiate great deals on accommodation in venues which reflect the experience we’re creating for you and are excited that all rooms at our venue have ocean views. We have reserved a limited number of rooms at this rate, and strongly recommend you book ASAP to ensure you can access both the rate and a room. You will receive accommodation details and booking instructions for this deal when you book the Retreat.

Our negotiated Retreat accommodation rates are from US$269 per room for an Ocean View Room ($339.13 incl. taxes & discounted Resort Fee). All rooms include free internet and we are able to extend these rates 3 nights prior to and 3 nights after the retreat to enable you to extend your stay.

The North shore of Oahu is teeming with so much to see and do. Whilst our days are very full, if you’d like to see and experience more, we suggest you add extra time to your trip and experience the best of Oahu and its neighbouring Islands. The Turtle Bay Resort website is teeming with ideas and offerings, many of them at no or low cost. Check out these videos for inspiration:

                      Good vibes at Turtle Bay resort:

                      Drone footage of Turtle Bay Resort:

What others have said of their Retreat Experiences


Could not recommend highly enough. Changed my whole outlook on life. My life. Karina is incredible Rachel


Thank you…   Polar Shift in my life! So much has changed!!!! Thankyou!   Phil


Karina’s results are amazing and life-changing and I wouldn’t be standing here today if that wasn’t the case.                         Natalie


I will always be grateful. I will cherish this experience. I’m already thinking for the next retreat… my husband doesn’t know this yet, but I’ve already manifested that we will be going, despite our very hectic, busy schedules. Thank You, Karina!                      Christina


It’s really important for guys to come to these types of retreats because you actually don’t realise what you’re missing out on. You think that you know it all, you know actually what’s really important in life and what’s really important to you. What Karina does is that she actually opens another side of your brain and another side of your body that you didn’t realise actually existed… it makes you appreciate things a lot more and really appreciative of what she does for you. Troy


I am alive, I am present and I am not going back to the old me. I don’t even know who she is or where to find her.



You’ll be going “My God I’ve got a brand-new life; I’ve got a brand-new attitude and I’m loving my life.”



It’s given me insights into who I am and what I want to be and how I want to live my life going forth from today.



I don’t know how more to express how amazing it was and the transformation internally that I feel and I know that if I fall off track a little bit, there’s some amazing support for me if I need to tap into it.



No matter who you are, where you come from, no matter what you’ve done in life, to come here, to find yourselves, to start to love yourselves and to make the change for the rest of your life.



How to Get There

Hawaii is reached via Honolulu’s international airport of the island of Oahu. Our Resort is around an hour away by hire car or shuttle. Depending upon demand, we may offer shuttle transfers for a fee. Please enquire.

Keep in mind that international retreat locations will often mean some degree of jet-lag. Please arrive a day or two earlier to allow your body to adjust, and ideally don’t race away on the earliest flight. Hawaiian hotel check in times are typically 3-4pm so if you’re flying into Honolulu on a morning flight, use the time during the day to assist you to adjust to time zone changes or jetlag. We recommend you purchase travel insurance upon booking.

Karina has a great love for Hawaii and has travelled here frequently, having visited the four most popular islands. There is a plethora of information available online.



*Earlybird Payment in full due by June 30, 2020 Sample Payment Plans: $500 + $3250, OR $500 + 3 x $1150 or 4 x $925

Payment Plans are flexible, and are charged to your credit card on the nominated dates of your plan. Call us for payment plan details and to talk about what suits your needs best. All enrolments are held with a $500 non- refundable deposit. To take up a payment plan you will need to complete a contract of payments.

*** We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance straight away!

Contact Us

Contact the Retreat Co-ordinator for answers to your enquiries about the retreat, accommodation or travel. We want you to have the most amazing time on this retreat and are here to help you create that.
Phone: 0421591665 (International: +61 421591665)Email:

Terms & Conditions

Retreat attendance is required for the specified time, if you cannot commit to attending all sessions, we suggest you book a retreat where you can. Retreats are created with a cumulative effect of teaching, to ensure the full results.
Please purchase travel insurance upon making any booking. We recommend you book flexible flights & accommodation as all retreats are subject to minimum numbers and may be rescheduled should this quota not be met. We will not be held responsible or liable for any penalties or financial disadvantage that you may incur as part of any cancellation.

Retreat enrolment fees are non-refundable. Discount vouchers are applicable strictly to the price point and time limits of the voucher and are single use. Early-bird rates apply strictly to the dates specified, VIP Graduate rates apply. Retreat numbers are limited; your enrolment is confirmed only by payment of deposit or full payment. Retreat must be paid in full prior to commencement unless otherwise agreed.

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