Location: Port Stephens, NSW, Australia
Next Scheduled Date: TBC 2023




Do you imagine that there’s something more… not exactly something definite…

Just an idea that there could be more, that you could be more…

What if it was true?

What if there was a whole lot of something that was possible, just out of reach because you are not connected to your brilliance?

What if you could be more, create more than you had supposed?

What if there was a whole world of possibilities out there that is yet to be tapped?

What if you just needed to capture the ability that lives inside of you… let’s face it, we use barely any of our brain, so there’s a whole lot more that could be possible…

But how would you know? How would you do it?

Well, that’s where the Inspire retreat comes in…

It’s about really living life, rather than just existing.

Manifesting rapid change in people is Karina Godwin’s gift and if she has 4 days to use it, you can bet that you’ll be changed at the end. Seeing possibility, seeing yourself differently and armed with a whole lot of tools to make your world a whole lot different.
The inspire retreat is about removing limits, embracing possibility and connecting into your untapped and innate intelligence to make it all happen

It sounds like a fairy tale, yet aren’t we led by fairy tales every day? Aren’t we inspired by the modern fairy tales we experience within our movies, our stories…

Expect to be inspired, expect to be prepared, yet know that to create a whole lot of new, we’ll need to destroy a whole lot of old… all the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that keep you where you are, that even keep you stuck.

Why should everyone else have the life you’re yearning to lead? Join us on the beautiful NSW coast of Port Stephens, use its beauty and its incredible energy to amplify the experience that Karina has planned for you. Expect that you will awaken the enormous potential that lies within you!

Our results… beyond incredible. Karina’s retreats have proven to be a fast-track to creating results that’ you’d never have imagined. I’ve a feeling that your life is about to step outside your imagination and into the place of your dreams!

Immerse yourself in these life-changing retreats, knowing that you’ll never be able to be the same again. Karina Godwin’s ability to create rapid change will be met with your new ability to create rapid and significant change in life, no matter what it brings, what people say and what would have formerly seemed impossible.

That’s the secret: the ‘I-m’ in impossible! It’s you and it’s entirely up to you, for no one else is ever going to bring you the life you’ve been dreaming of! So, join us to learn how, to open up the parts of you that have laid dormant, that have the capacity to empower a whole different existence. You’ll know how and you’ll have the tools and insights you need to make transformation not only realistic, but real
You’ll become an inspiration for others as you attract people and opportunities that make every day one that builds a whole lot of possibility for each day in the future

Are you ready? Can you imagine just how good can life get? Are you ready to learn how? Get ready for change that will open up your ability to manifest the life you desire. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it earlier, why you lost your inner-connection to your innate and seemingly magical ability to create what you desire and yearn for in your own world.


All of our retreats are individually crafted to achieve the best possible experience and results. Thus pricing may vary as it is reflective of it’s duration, location and inclusions. See the PDF for pricing of each retreat.

All retreats by Karina Godwin are presented and offered through Bienestar Wellbeing.

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