Meliae Intuitive Healing

Karina is the creator of the Melia Intuitive Healing Modality.

Meliae: to change, to make better 

Meliae is an energy healing modality that creates balance, happiness and wellbeing by aligning the energies of the body. It means to change, to make better. What makes Meliae different is the capacity to remove or alter that which is holding you back. A Meliae Intuitive Healer does their best work in accessing that which has slipped under your awareness, that which has been forgotten but still impacts your life.

Meliae looks to the moments in time that were tough for us to handle, that perhaps would seem insignificant now. Yet, at the time they were massive, too much to deal with and we pushed them away. Perhaps to manage later, but instead they slipped into the energy of the body and that’s where they stayed.

Meliae clears the blockages of energy created by these moments, so insignificant now, but so important at the time that they interrupted the flow of healthy energy within the body.

Meliae works within the buried memories to release them with ease and speed to amplify your ability to access happiness, love, health and success. Thankfully there’s no need to relive those memories scene by scene, the healing energy can remove the pain or hurt without that immersion.

Meliae Intuitive Healers work directly with the Healing Intelligence within the body to accelerate your natural healing processes. The Healing intelligence of the body understands the exact circumstances we endured to create our illnesses and emotional or relationship difficulties, thus it is ideally placed to ‘UNDO’  what we have previously created. Meliae is a natural extension of what your body can do by easing you into a healing mind-set of letting go and amplifying the brilliance that is you.

When we release that which has been holding us back, we open the doors in our life to greater levels of happiness, health, love and wellbeing than ever thought possible. Alongside these improvements, we see changes in the way you look at life, as you create a new platform on which to launch your new way of living. Success and opportunity awaken as you put to work the new insights you have into the real truth of you: that you are awesome and you are learning, doing your best each and every day…

Use Meliae Intuitive Healing for physical, emotional or other wellbeing issues


Child Healing

Meliae Intuitive Healing is also suitable for children often taking way less time than an adult. Child healings are age appropriate, with them being lots of fun. Your Meliae Intuitive Healer is passionate about working with children and will work to create a sense of calm whilst releasing the energy blockages which are creating unease or difficulty in some aspect of the child’s life or physicality. You’ll find them discussing the latest music, movies and trends appropriate to the age of the child or teen amongst the issues they’re experiencing.

Seeking a Meliae Intuititve Healing for a child could be for almost anything, but we commonly see sleeping difficulties, jealousy or behavioural problems, bed wetting, anxiety, bullying and difficulties at school. Meliae Intuitive Healings also work to ease physical or relationship issues.

Children will be offered a range of options to ensure they feel comfortable and confident during their healing and that they are able to fully release. Parents will be given a summary of the healing if they are not present.

The confidentiality of the child; particularly our teens must be respected to ensure they are open and free to heal what it is blocking their happiness. Obtaining the trust of the child is paramount and healings are based upon the individual needs of each child.

Option for children and parents are:

· The parent stays in the treatment room for the entire healing

· The parent waits in the waiting area, calling him/her if needed at anytime

· The parent starts in the treatment room and can be “kicked out” later if the child wants and it’s the only time they can do that! (we ask Parent if that’s OK).


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