Location: Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Next Scheduled Date: 19th – 22nd August 2024


Where are you!
Opportunity will only come to those who seek it!

Opportunity is Yours… Why wait?

Imagine taking yourself away from the challenges and demands of everyday life, immersing yourself into this classroom: centred in a location that will inspire and expand your expectations of what is possible, so will your ability to create and expand opportunity.

What are you doing? Life’s not going to get where you want it to be by hoping things will change. You need inspiration, plans, and action driving this change and Karina knows just how to help you find it.

Learn what to change and how to go about it by distancing yourself from all that keeps you stuck where you are. Sometimes you need something very special to create the inspiration and clarity to transform your life and in this retreat, it’s hard to decide whether it’s the location or your facilitator that’s going to inspire you the most. For Karina, has so many offerings available, she’s clearly embracing and creating Opportunity every day: you are being taught by someone who lives and breathes what you seek.

Learn how to tap into the myriad of opportunities that are literally waiting for you. When you can connect to the innate wisdom that lives within and learn how to think clearly in the moment, as your past limits become your past. Change your energy to one that invites opportunity, smash limits whilst amplifying action. Let go of old patterns, uncover the real you! Hop onto the freeway of opportunity as you identify what it is you really want and set the foundations to make it your reality!

Ask the participants of any of Karina Godwin’s recent retreats why they’re signing up for more, and they’ll tell you the results are worth any price. They know their life will change, and it’s a change they’re able to continue to make for themselves on an ongoing basis. Ask them why they’d travel to a retreat and they’ll tell you Karina’s locations are amazing: they really support and even fast-track your results!

If you’re learning from Karina Godwin, be ready to create a whole new life of empowered living, one that you choose: minus the limits! This is a once in a lifetime experience…

Our locations are nothing short of breath-taking and the energy you feel is something else again, simply brimming with Opportunity!

There’s no doubt 4 days with Karina is a big experience, she’s literally survived a deadly cancer and is passionate about creating a fast-track to a life you love living. She provides the support, and the know-how and is committed to you getting the results. This is a path she’s already travelled.

With the insight, understanding and realistic and practical tools to take home, you’ll not only be creating and furthering your transformation, you’ll be living a new version of it each and every day.

Are you ready to change? Just how good can life get? It’s up to you…

A Taste of your Experience:

Day 1: 8am – 4.30pm How did I get there, it’s time to begin again

  • Understanding the pathway and patterns that have you living where you’re at begins the creation of a roadmap towards where you want to be. Begin again, tomorrow does not have to reflect your today!
  • 6.30pm – 11.30pm Welcome Dinner

Day 2: 8am – 4.30pm What is Possible? Discover the enormity of Opportunity

  • It is not what can’t/won’t happen, rather it is what is possible.
    Opportunity is directly affected by the beliefs and behaviours
    that hold your limits.

Day 3: 6am – 6.45am Sunrise Meditation: Awakening to Opportunity

  • 8am – 4.30pm What do you really want? Time for a total reset!
  • Build a clear picture and blueprint of exactly what Opportunity
    looks like to you. Does it sit within the life that awaits you?
    Learn how to create the change

Day 4: 8am – 4.30pm Living & Breathing Opportunity

  • Build what you need to create the motivation, action and
    behaviours within life upon your return to ensure Opportunity
    is an actual reality

All of our retreats are individually crafted to achieve the best possible experience and results. Thus pricing may vary as it is reflective of it’s duration, location and inclusions. See the PDF for pricing of each retreat.

All retreats by Karina Godwin are presented and offered through Bienestar Wellbeing.

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