Destiny…Put Yourself First Book & Audio Cd Combo


By Karina Godwin

Paperback Book & Audio CD

Pages: 300
Publisher: Flying Souls Publishing

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I needed to learn to love myself … my life would depend on it.

When Karina Godwin was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, her life came to a shuddering halt. The diagnosis challenged everything she knew as a healer, and as a nurse. In looking deep within for the cause of her tumour, Karina was forced to confront the trauma of her past. One thing became blindingly apparent—she had literally hated herself sick! As she confronted the terror that fueled the tumour, Karina had to re-learn how to be herself, to find her own brilliance and to love herself enough to say ‘me first’. The book is full of the wisdom that saved Karina’s life, and is supported with meditations, healing techniques and recipes for life to enable you to create YOUR transformation. The Audio Cd is the recordings of the guided meditations contained in the book, let Karina's soothing voice take you away on this amazing healing journey.

It’s your destiny. Put yourself first!

As an Author, she has created numerous inspirational products which act as tools for creating significant life change, including books, Inspirational Card Sets and Stationery, and Guided Meditation CD’s. She has used her experience with significant life challenges, including cancer and abuse, to create transformational workshops and retreats, assisting others to walk an easier path through life. She is the Founder and Director of Bienestar Wellbeing, the creator of the Meliae Intuitive Healing Modality and has an international clientele.

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