Dreamland for Kids Guided Meditations


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For children with imagination and a sense of adventure: guided meditation in story form for sleep. Watch your children relax as they wander through an imaginative journey presented in delightfully encouraging and relaxing tones. Karina creates a safe place to acknowledge and wash away the ‘badness’ of the day, whilst making memories of all that was good. Your child is encouraged to see what’s ‘good’ about them, to balance out what they may hear that says otherwise.

Karina is mother to a blended family of five children and has been using Dreamland for both settling down to sleep and dealing with a tricky day with great success!

  1. Shhh: it’s Time to go to Sleep
  2. Washing away the Badness of Today
  3. The Magical Cottage, Seeing the Good in Me
  4. The Magical Toadstool Dance
  5. Let’s rest in Rainbow Land

The composer for each background music track for this CD can be seen by following this link

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