Guided Meditations for Abundance


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Abundance is the ever-yearned for state of plenty that we all dream of. When we think of abundance, the mind automatically wanders to what you lack, in the search for what to create. It awakens an opportunity to remove all that blocks its flow to open up space for what you need for success.  Abundance refers to all that you have, and all that can be, in each and every area of your life. From health to wealth, happiness to success, love to opportunity and friendship to time. The possibilities are endless and the state of plenty awaits.

Use this CD to reframe how you interact with abundance and creating plenty in the areas of life you most desire to create it within.

Abundance is something you deserve, so take the time to recreate your relationship with what you attract and experience, each and every day of your life.

  1. Introduction
  2. Good Foundations
  3. Releasing the Anxiety<
  4. Learning to Receive
  5. Living in the Moment
  6. Balancing the Flow
  7. Dreaming of the Impossible

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