Guided Meditations for Anxiety


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When anxiety turns up for you, it takes away your chance to capture joy within your day. The fear of the has been filters into how you feel about the future and the now. Ease away feelings of anxiety and recover your capacity to live your best life. It’s waiting and I know you are too, so it’s time to put your anxiety on notice by choosing to calm away those feelings and experiences.

Every day you wake up to a new beginning, so use this CD to ease all aspects of you and your life that have you feeling anxious. It’s your turn to shine, to create a new framework of support to help you make living a great life real.

You do not fail when you experience fear, it’s a natural state that has simply gotten out of hand. Time for a reset and a return to a life that feeds and fuels you. Recover your ability to experience your world with ease and comfort.



  1. Introduction
  2. Relax, You've Got This
  3. Resetting Your Fear
  4. Deleting the Worst
  5. Embracing the Best
  6. Creating Support
  7. Creating Your Centre

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