Guided Meditations for Clarity


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One thing is for sure, when a person walks with clarity, they seem to have it made. Things seem to fall their way; problems disappear as they walk the life we’re all yearning for. There’s nothing more difficult than knowing you have potential, yet feeling stuck where you are for the lack of that ‘something special’ needed to unlock it. That ‘something special’ is Clarity, the ability to take what you have around you, to make it into a pathway or result because you innately know how to make the best of it.

Finding Clarity does not need to be hard, doing things the hard way with struggle and difficulty can become your past history with a little bit of help from this CD.

It’s incredible how so few tracks combine together to awaken that aspect of you that flows you into the life you yearn for, using pathways in the brain that appear to have been sleeping. Time to wake up, clarity awaits you!


  1. Introduction
  2. Where is the Quiet?
  3. Letting Go of Control
  4. What Can’t You See?
  5. Opening Your Intuition
  6. Expanding the Bigger Picture
  7. Zooming into the Details

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