Guided Meditations for Motivation


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Life gets frustrating when you’re stuck or there’s little that seems to be going your way. We tell ourselves stories of how things should be, how little is possible for us because things seem to be staying the same.

Opportunity escapes you when you don’t have or can’t find the motivation to make it happen, yet it can be hard to find the drive within you when live has you tired or disappointed. There is so much more in life that’s available to you when you master the use of motivation.

Use this CD to reconnect to your internal and natural state of motivation to access all the opportunity that awaits you. There is so much inside you bursting to get outside! Begin again, find your internal drive and open up your potential. It’s time to see the greatness that lives within you and to go out and get it.


  1. Introduction
  2. STOP!
  3. Begin again
  4. Finding your Driver
  5. Addressing the Monkey-Mind
  6. Seeing the Greatness that is You
  7. Opening up your Potential

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