Guided Meditations to Ignite


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When you come to a part of your life when things aren’t moving or there’s little enough enthusiasm to get through the day, you are ready for this album of meditations. For it comes to ignite that incredible energy that lives within you that has the power to make all things possible. It fuels your enthusiasm and passion into success and makes the journey towards your purpose and goals one of motivation and opportunity.

For opportunity awakens when you ignite that energy of who you really are and who or what you came to be. With a newly created energy of imagination that surpasses all of your prior expectations, this is a new beginning, where possibility is dreamed into each track of the album.

You need not worry, you can just relax back and listen and I’ll guide you on the way, to a life you will have the energy to create into the one of your dreams. For when you can harness your ability to ignite, everything is just waiting to be  lived and experienced

  1. Introduction
  2. Awaken your Spirit
  3. Ignite your Passion
  4. Connect to your Purpose
  5. Motivate Forward
  6. Ignite your Imagination
  7. Ignite your Success

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