Guided Meditations to Inspire


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Meditation has been known to heal and create health within and never has there been a more important time. For your body, your mind and the Energy of you, the Spirit of your essence have become dull, out of balance, disconnected.

This album of tracks helps you to remove old limits, embracing possibility and connect into your untapped and innate intelligence to make it all happen. This album is for you if you seek more, to start really living rather than existing. So, settle down and get comfortable, it’s time to restore your balance, health and wellbeing by returning you to the brilliance that is you.

You don’t need any experience for the benefits of stilling your mind: just listen and allow yourself to be, to connect and to restore the brilliance of you. For you are so much more than you perhaps have supposed. It’s time to reset to the truth of you. When you restore within, all that you yearn for will begin to surround you once again.

  1. Introduction
  2. Destroying Old Limits
  3. Seeing Who You Really Are
  4. Creating Optimism
  5. Creating Success
  6. Creating Opportunity
  7. Creating Transformation

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