Meditations for Opportunity


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Sometimes it’s easy to imagine that opportunity is really only for other people as they seem to cruise through life making it all look so easy. But easy it is, for you and for everyone, once you master the mindset that attracts opportunity towards you. For if you can believe that opportunity is possible, then the possibilities become endless. If you can let go of the limits and all that has held you back, you can attract the people and situations that will open the doors of opportunity towards you. If you can change the ingredients of how you’ve been going about life, you can change the outcomes of your life. All of a sudden the life you’ve dreamed of is back on the horizon!

Karina Godwin has taught Guided Meditations for many years, creating an experience that has enabled the body to heal, the mind to relax and the Spirit to soar into a much happier place. She uses these skills to assist others to improve concentration, performance and productivity with great success.

As an Author, she has created numerous inspirational products which act as tools for creating significant life change, including books, Inspirational Card Sets and Stationery to inspire, and Guided Meditation CD’s. She has used her experience with significant life challenges, including cancer and abuse, to create transformational workshops and retreats, assisting others to walk an easier path through life. She is the Founder and Director of Bienestar Wellbeing, the creator of the Meliae Intuitive Healing Modality and has an international clientele.


  1. Introduction
  2. Believe in Opportunity
  3. Embrace Opportunity
  4. Releasing Old Limits
  5. A New You
  6. Imagine your Future
  7. Expanding Your Desires


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