Opportunity – A New Me Planner


By Karina Godwin


Pages: 50
Publisher: Flying Souls Publishing

Opportunity waits for no-one…get up and go make it yours today!”   Karina Godwin

"Opportunity waits for no-one...get up and go make it yours today!
"    Karina Godwin


So often we are soooo busy that’s it tricky to find time for everything in our day!

Your New Me Planner has been designed to help you avoid the inevitable criticism that comes with failing to complete your To-Do list. Your New Me Planner is all about creating balance and being kind. As you know, if you are not feeding and fuelling the needs of your Mind, Body and Spirit, you’ll not be giving anything or anyone your best. Worse still, it’s impossible to be at your best when you’re doing too much or being too critical.

Let’s face it, you can only do so much in a day and kindness is free!

Your Planner is complemented by an Opportunity Journal, a Transforming Me: My 25 List, and the Opportunity Inspiration Cards and Guided Meditations CD.

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