Relax Transforming Me – My 25 List


By Karina Godwin

Multi Use Inspirational List

Pages: 50
Publisher: Flying Souls Publishing


To relax is the greatest gift…it’s stillness creates such harmony within you and your people  Karina Godwin

"To relax is the greatest's stillness creates such harmony within you and your people"   Karina Godwin                                                                                                    


So often we forget our potential, as the busyness and demands of the day take us away from our innate wisdom. It’s time to begin again, to fuel your ability to relax, using your 25 List as inspiration.

Your Transforming Me – My 25 List has been designed as a resource to help you to Relax each and every day. Use it as a daily source of ideas to prioritise time to feel Free today.

Choose throughout the day something (or lots of somethings) to support your ability to Relax!

Other Uses for your 25 List:

  • To Do List
  • Goals List
  • Priorities List

Anything that needs a list with Inspiration!

Your 25 List is complemented by a Relax Journal, A New Me Planner and the Relax Guided Meditations CD.

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