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Children have so much to cope with in this modern world that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the busyness of life and the myriad of social issues they each have to face.

The Best of Being You takes kids on Guided Meditation journeys that creatively and humorously provide the answers to what they might have experienced during their day. The Best of Being You gives them the tools that enable them to manage their daily challenges, facilitating the process of letting go, forgiveness and in altering their perspective.

The Best of Being You helps kids to change their ways of looking at individuals and the events of day to day life, empowering them to be more of who they are.

The Best of Being You was written with kids and teens in mind but will be popular with kids and adults of any age. It’s a journey in developing their strengths, confidence, resilience and self-esteem: which can only help our kids to find happiness in their ever changing and challenging world.

Karina is Mother to a blended family of five children and has been using her healing and intuitive gifts to help both her children and those in her clientele, to deal with all that makes our children feel mad, bad, sad or inadequate.


  1. The Best of Being You
  2. Being Happy
  3. A Confident You


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