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Time to Start Loving who you See in The Mirror!

Immerse yourself in our incredible location and allow Karina Godwin to assist you to transform who and how you see yourself. Expect to begin a relationship with yourself, of actually seeing yourself as good enough, of being worthy and loving your whole package. Expect to let go and delete your definitions that relate to how you do or don’t look, how successful you are or aren’t and reframe them to just being good enough regardless!

Learn to see the reality of who you are, for you were never as bad as you believed. You have forgotten, you have been looking at yourself in error. For when you cannot truly see yourself, you dance with fear, living life through the opinions and judgements of others. Time to take a stand, to see the brilliance of who you are, to learn how to take that brilliance and channel it into a life you’ll love living. Fuel your days with ever so much love and appreciation for who you are…

Time to change, no more frustration with who you see in the mirror
Or where your state of achievements is at.
Start loving the gorgeous person you are!

Learn to become kind, to develop a gentleness towards you on your terms. Sometimes that kind of change can seem to be too big to handle, yet in Reflect you’ll find yourself nurtured and supported through a level of change that was easier than you’d believed. Graduates of this retreat were so blown away by the immediacy and enormity of the change that they were signing up for the next retreat before they’d left!
If you’re learning from Karina Godwin, be ready to see yourself as you truly are and to be surprised at just how much you’ve been missing. This is a once in a lifetime experience…

There’s no doubt 4 days with Karina is a big experience, she’s literally survived a deadly cancer and is passionate about creating a fast-track to a life you love living. She provides the support, and the know-how and is committed to you getting the results. This is a path she’s already travelled.

Ask the participants of any of Karina Godwin’s recent retreats why they’re signing up for more, and they’ll tell you the results are worth any price. They know their life will change, and it’s a change they’re able to continue to make for themselves on an ongoing basis. Ask them why they’d travel to a retreat and they’ll tell you Karina’s locations are amazing: they really support and even fast-track your results!
Are you ready? You’re not going to start loving who you are without a catalyst for change. You need inspiration, plans, and action to drive this change and Karina knows just how to help you find it.

With the insight, understanding and realistic and practical tools to take home, you’ll not only be creating and furthering your transformation, you’ll be living a new version of it each and every day.

Are you ready to change? Just how much can you love who you are? It’s up to you…

A Taste of your Experience:

Day 1: 8am-4pm If you could only see through my Eyes…

  • We see ourselves in the mirror, yet who do we really see? Is it truth? We have become the reflection of our experiences and there is so much more to you…
  • 6.30pm Outdoor gourmet BBQ dinner with Welcome to Country
    fire talk and dance.

Day 2: 8am – 4.30pm I’m asking you to change… to see the best truth
of you!

  • It’s easy to stay the same, yet there is no growth in staying still.
    Understand who you are & how you got here, and then let it go.
    Awaken your perfection.

Day 3: 8am – 4.30pm Loving who you ARE!

  • Understand love in all its variations, both good and not so good…
    and then choose the best of it. It’s hard to love who you are
    without understanding how.

Day 4: 8am – 4.30pm Believing in You… and then living it!

  • Letting go of what has limited or crushed your ability to truly value the brilliance of you. Time to see things differently, to live another, better way!

All of our retreats are individually crafted to achieve the best possible experience and results. Thus pricing may vary as it is reflective of it’s duration, location and inclusions. See the PDF for pricing of each retreat.

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