Luxury retreats in incredible locations around Australia and the world to take you away from your normal and introduce you to a whole new way of living a more fabulous life. A fast-track through change with the tools to make it your reality. Join us!

Luxury Retreats

For those looking to grow, to have or be more
For a fast-track into change with the support and tools to create real and long-lasting success
Luxury Retreats in awesome locations here and internationally
For creating the life you love waking up to, living it on your terms
It’s freedom or loving you or putting yourself first or unwinding or finding joy or smashing
your limits or living rather than existing.
We know how amazing they are as our graduates keep on returning for more

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All retreats by Karina Godwin are presented and offered through Bienestar Wellbeing.

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Create new foundations, release blocks & learn how to create a whole new perspective & experience of the abundance you deserve.
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Create connected relationships in all areas of your life, ones that feed your ability to be happy, for the people that matter to you.
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Immerse yourself in an experience to recover your peace, a state of balance and nurturing that feed every single aspect of you and your life for greater health and happiness
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Awaken possibilities for the life you yearn to live as you harness your internal power to motivate and drive you to success.
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Bienestarwellbeing - loving you retreat
Prioritise the most important person in your life: you. A nurtured you, can do anything well including giving to others.
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Bienestarwellbeing - reflect my retreat
Learn to love who you wake up to, no matter how you look in the mirror, regardless of your success or failure.
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Bienestarwellbeing - opportunity retreat
Smash the limits you’re living and open the door to unlimited opportunity.The only thing between you and your success is you.
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Restore your connection to the true essence of who you are, who you were born to be and get back onto your destiny path. For feeling safe, having faith and the most incredible healing experience
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A wisdom so special and sacred… something remembered, internal yet stretching wider and intuitive than that. Reconnect to this deep knowing, stretching to the highest wisdom available and learn to use it
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Bienestarwellbeing - target pure joy retreat
There’s a difference between joy and happiness; if you’re only seeking happiness, you’re missing out on the real joy in life!
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Bienestarwellbeing - freedom to choose retreat
Learn to live a life on your terms in one of the most incredible places in the world. Be empower to divine your own destiny!
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Bienestarwellbeing - Inspire Me retreat
Why live a life of just existing, when you could be really living? Expand your ability to manifest a life that never seemed possible.
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Bienestarwellbeing - unwind retreat
Unwind the pressure, let go of the stress and allow life to creep back in; for peace, contentment, love and joy.
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