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In all truth I don’t know how she does it. But it doesn’t really matter. Karina has this innate ability to bring out the very best in me and take everything to new heights. Beyond my wildest dreams and imaginings. Today’s version of me is light, bright and ready for anything. Life is full of ups, downs, surprises and everything in between. Working with Karina has helped me even out the once roller coaster-like highest of highs, lowest of lows and those in between messy and stuck zones. It’s now a smoother, more even ride with more love, more joy, more fun and far less stress and worry. My changes have been so significant that they flow over and enrich my relationships, work and overall well-being. Many have asked me what’s my secret recipe? Where did I find such magic? Who can deliver these transformations beyond belief? My response is always the same. I don’t keep good things a secret!! I want all of my people to grow, learn, thrive and live their very best lives. Karina Godwin is the master of change and creating fast-tracks. The only question is whether you are ready to show up for yourself xx
Mel D

Thank you… Polar Shift in my life! So much has changed!!!! Thankyou!

Great personal growth, great people, great place, great food
Join in! Go! Do it! There is nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. Life is better lived with improved self-awareness, compassion, love and adventure. Plus, you get to do that with awesome people that are of like mind, that are generous and fun. The best thing about Karina is how she is able to be honest and direct while being full of love and warmth. Mind you this runs only a smidge in front of her sense of humour and dance moves.

I don’t know how more to express how amazing it was and the transformation internally that I feel and I know that if I fall off track a little bit, there’s some amazing support for me if I need to tap into it.

I cannot recommend this week to other people enough. Even if you don’t know what it’s going to bring to you, take a chance, give it a go, see how amazing your life can be.

 It’s given me insights into who I am and what I want to be and how I want to live my life going forth from today.

Brilliant! What a Great hour!! The techniques you shared have already improved my day! 
Melissa P

No matter who you are, where you come from, no matter what you’ve done in life, to come here, to find yourselves, to start to love yourselves and to make the change for the rest of your life.

Could not recommend highly enough. Changed my whole outlook on life. My life. Karina is incredible.

Karina’s results are amazing and life-changing and I wouldn’t be standing here today if that wasn’t the case.

It’s really important for guys to come to these types of retreats because you actually don’t realise what you’re missing out on. You think that you know it all, you know actually what’s really important in life and what’s really important to you. What Karina does is that she actually opens another side of your brain and another side of your body that you didn’t realise actually existed… it makes you appreciate things a lot more and really appreciative of what she does for you.

It is my greatest privilege and joy to share, commend & recommend the amazing work of Karina Godwin & her team at Bienestar Wellbeing. I have been attending healings, luxury retreats & workshops by Bienestar Wellbeing since 2014. A most talented healer with great care and expertise, I am living with joy, much needed clarity for my passion purpose, performing to my true potential & living my best life. Literally, I can say that my life has “taken off” since then – from achieving emotional and spiritual happiness to the choice to choose my career, where my income has increased 3-fold to leading and serving my chosen community. I am making impact in my community and also, my family – the best part about learning and healing with Karina is that I am in the position to create opportunities and abundance for my community and family. For example, when I am living the best version of me, I am more able to ‘give’ to my daughters. When I am living my purpose, I am more able to serve my community & more impactful as a leader.
I also love Karina’s books, meditation CDs and a variety of tools which I use to keep by “vibrations” high and in Karina’s words, “walk with ease, grace & abundance”.
Words does not come close to describe the extraordinary work by Karina. It’s inspirational to have this opportunity in my lifetime and truly transformational to experience with Karina!

You’ll be going “My God I’ve got a brand-new life; I’ve got a brand-new attitude and I’m loving my life.”

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful meditation today
I learnt to visualize better which helped me so much more to enjoy and improve my meditation experience.
It was a ‘wow’ experience today and I am so full of joy, buzz and anticipation.
Thank you
Thank you
Thanks you 

I am alive, I am present and I am not going back to the old me. I don’t even know who she is or where to find her.