Location: ULURU, Northern Territory, Australia
Next Scheduled Date: 25th Oct – 28th Oct 2022 TBC


Soul Wisdom inspires thoughts of something special and sacred, something beyond your current understanding and so it is. It sources from within, stretching further from where we came.

That is the journey…

To awaken you to your Soul, to connect

To expand to a wisdom beyond your imaginings

To gather learning in such a way it feeds an internal faith in you and others

For the wisdom of knowing of what to do, how to do it best and with the greatest joy

Let go of the pain of struggle and find your connection to the wisdom that will ease your path, delete the need for struggle and shake you out of the pain of living and learning on this Earth…

An incredible 4 days, a journey of insight into you, your people. Experience adventure centred amongst the sacred space and energy that is Uluru. A personal journey in the most amazing classroom in the world, the breathtaking wonder of Uluru at our doorstep and within our adventures.

A retreat unlike any other, with both the immersion into the sacred energy of one of the world’s greatest wonders, combined with the mindset change and fast-track to have you living the life you dream of.

It’s a no-brainer! Your Soul is yearning to be heard, allow the wisdom to flow!

So, get wise, get yourself there…

It’s the greatest decision you’ll make!

A Taste of your Experience:

Day  1:

  • 7.30 – 7.45am   Registration
  • 8am – 4.00pm  Connect & Expand Creating the foundations for the entire retreat is the connection to your Soul. A full day for not only creating the connection, but to expand it beyond your experience to ensure a clear pathway to a life of ease.
  • 5.30pm – 9.00pm   Welcome Dinner: an extraordinary experience in the desert under the Stars

Day 2:

  • 8am – 4.00pm   Wisdom from Beyond Travel through time, from where you began, to where you extend in the expansion of your internal wisdom. For it is wise beyond your imaginings, with the knowing of both the bigger picture and the details required to expand into a life of ease, success and such joy and love

Day 3:

  • 8am – 4.00pm  Faith & Wisdom It is one thing to know, yet another altogether to know what and how to use the wisdom that you will inevitably now experience. Return to this deep and intuitive connection with all that you have and will know.

Day 4:

  • 4am – 9pm  Experience Day Immerse yourself into the incredible energies of Uluru, this sacred and incredible centre of the Earth. One of the most spectacular sunrises you’ll ever see, with breakfast, desert fauna & wildlife & Indigenous history
  • 12noon – 3.00pm   After a rest, gather, dine & expand your personal experience of Soul Wisdom

All of our retreats are individually crafted to achieve the best possible experience and results. Thus, pricing may vary as it is reflective of each retreat’s duration, location and inclusions. See the PDF for pricing of our upcoming or most recent retreat.

All retreats by Karina Godwin are presented and offered through Bienestar Wellbeing.

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