To create the life you love living, it is first necessary to choose to change

The Pandemic has changed our lives forever. Never before have we dealt with so much change personally, professionally and within the community we live.

The suffering we have seen and/or experienced has taken us away from the old normal and has us asking: who am I and what do I want to do now? One of the greatest advantages of the Covid-19 pandemic is that we find ourselves hungry to live better, to create greater happiness and wellbeing in all aspects of our lives, without the patience to wait forever. Now is the time with the greatest potential, to learn to live and work smarter and to create a life we love waking up to each day.

If you recognise that people don’t deliver to their peak when they’re not living well, then it’s time to engage Karina Godwin. Whether it’s health, happiness or contentment, never before has it been more important to support your people to master the layers of their emotional, mental and physical health. Results come from good foundations and Karina delivers in helping people to be the very best version of themselves, to recover their enthusiasm and self-belief whilst empowering them to communicate well. Karina’s experience is in helping people to authentically bring out the best of themselves and exceed expectations.

To describe Karina Godwin and her work, you need to dig deep, for she doesn’t quite fit into any typical category, mostly because her expertise is in wellbeing and that covers most of every part of life. She’s an Author and Speaker creating incredible tools that work to change the way you live life, yet she’s a Trainer with an ability to flex and intuit the perfect presentation for any audience. She’s a teacher of mindset, yet she’s certainly no ordinary version of that. For the gift in Karina’s work is that she knows how to create impactful and fast change in those who choose to change. How? Well, Karina has an insight into the use of energy that amplifies the work of the mind.

As a Nurse, Karina learnt to observe people in the best and worst times of their lives. She listened, watched and gathered an accumulation of knowledge about not only how people cope in difficult times but also an insight into how to create a fast-track out of them. Her intuitive insight and ability to read a room has her speaking as if she were speaking only to you and your experience. How? Well, that’s what’s extraordinary about Karina Godwin!

The mind is one of our most powerful tools and how you present yourself in life directs where you’ll get to and how quickly and successfully you will get there. It’s a recipe of attitude, belief and motivation, yet it is also what you do or don’t allow. Our past drives our experience and more often than not gets in the way. When you work with Karina Godwin, she takes you past all of that, making this moment the most powerful one in your repertoire, setting a solid foundation for success. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, she’ll teach you how to amplify past it into the life you really want to wake up to. Her innate understanding about the relationship between mindset, behaviour and energy has you jumping over or moving around obstacles and creating greater success and opportunity than you’d ever imagine.

She’s powerful in what she’ll create for you, but she won’t do it all. The greatest success comes from the pathway you walk and the gains you make, so Karina not only supports but encourages you to do the work and make it yours. Whilst it’s easy to look at the reviews of what she’s done for others (and they’re impressive), what’s important to Karina is how to make it right for you. Your life should be shaped and filled with what and who you love, experiences that feed and fuel that fullness of life and she somehow knows the pathway: getting you from here to living there.

Karina’s extensive array of expertise has you leaving with practical tools, ones that will fit within the busiest of lives and the most resistant of minds. From meditations and techniques, with the knowledge that brings the ah-ha moments, to her full range of products, you’ll have what you need to make the change real for you too.

Karina’s experience in life is diverse and inspiring. She’s healed and walked away from a serious, extremely rare and aggressive cancer, unexpectedly surviving. And that is what is true about Karina, she’s unexpected: humorous, real and relatable with a long list of experiences that speak to your own. She weaves them throughout her teaching and speaking to inspire and empower the audience. She helps you to remember the goodness of you and resuscitates your self-esteem, acceptance and belief in you. You walk away changed and inspired to create a better version of yourself, knowing that the life change she has already done to heal and create wellbeing has you covered.

Karina Godwin is the founder and Director of Bienestar Wellbeing. She is Mum to her blended family of five children, an Author, Cancer Survivor and a passionate Speaker. A gifted healer, she is the creator of the Meliae (Mee-lee-ay) Intuitive Healing modality, and has well over 100 offerings, including life-changing retreats, workshops and inspirational products, focused upon empowering your happiness and wellbeing. Karina is all about creating a fast-track to where you want to be, enabling you to live your best life.

What can she speak to:


  • Learning to recover the truth of who you are and reveal your full potential
  • Moving out of limitation and resistance
  • Improving self-esteem and happiness
  • Creating balance in life and living, learning to live well
  • Recover enthusiasm, connections and harmony


Authenticity & Culture

  • Learn the benefits of meditation in improving health & happiness
  • Experience the calming of the mind and its impact on stress & your results
  • Gain insight into your limitations & how to live without them
  • Feel better about you and be empowered to communicate and work better with others
  • Learn how to balance authenticity and connectedness within your new culture




Karina’s offerings address a wide range of issues of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Previous engagements have included but are not limited to bespoke meditation classes, Q & A panel, women’s health & retreats. Why not have her create something that speaks to your specific needs?

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