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Karina is the master of change for the ease and speed with which she is able to change lives. She empowers people, reminding them of their own goodness and their ability to succeed. She resuscitates your belief in you, your potential and your possibilities and ignites the passion to make it all real.

She makes it so simple that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it earlier!

When you receive a present, you need to unwrap it to get to discover the potential inside.

Karina uses a myriad of techniques based within mindset to teach you how to unwrap the unnecessary of your life. You become aligned with a pathway of success that you couldn’t have imagined before. She takes away, but she builds you up, literally showing you the gift that is you.

Karina Godwin is a true inspiration, surviving a massive tumour of a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. With little successful treatment on offer, her willingness to look towards change as a cure has cemented her passion in teaching you to create a life you’ll love living.

What is it that you need to change to create the life you love living? Karina was born with an innate ability to discern in people what they are lacking, how they get in the way of their own success and how to change it. She creates the ability for you to create your own change and not only sustain it, but continue to evolve that change forward. Her success can be measured in the appetite she creates for change: students are signing up for the next class before they’ve finished the first.


Why Karina?

It’s easy to bring a speaker to your audience, but what is your desire? To entertain or to empower your people to be more of themselves? To fill your agenda or to create results: Are you seeking for them to hear, or to really listen? Do you really want to facilitate change within your audience?

Karina creates a platform where your audience is not only inspired, but with a readiness to create a better version of who they are? They leave with real tools to make it happen.

Karina’s ability to reach within an audience so that each member feels that she speaks directly to their experience takes the value of what she offers to a whole other level, it’s something really special. She engages, she inspires and connects through her stories, vulnerability, humour and experiences. Karina’s story of recovery inspires everyone to look at how they can be living better. For Karina wasn’t offered a cure, she worked with both medicine and alternative healing to ensure she had the right recipe to heal and to recover. Her experience in healing her cancer gave her insights not possible without facing death so squarely in the face. She looked to change to ensure cancer was never invited back into her life, and created a recipe for happiness, health and success.


About Karina?

Karina Godwin is the founder and Director of Bienestar Wellbeing. She is Mum to her blended family of five children, an Author, Cancer Survivor and a passionate Speaker. A gifted healer, she is the creator of the Meliae (Mee-lee-ay) Intuitive Healing modality, and has over 90 offerings, including life-changing retreats, workshops and inspirational products, focused upon empowering your happiness and wellbeing. Karina is all about creating a fast-track to where you want to be, enabling you to live your best life.


What can you Expect?

Balance is often confused with giving up what you have to do, to create time for what you love. Whilst that’s a great concept, the reality is that most of us live in a world where results matter, people are relying upon us to achieve, support and create success.


Keynote: Areas of Focus

#  Productivity

Helping people to manage the pressure of their roles/lives to bring the kind of productivity you hired them for.

#  Communication

Empowered to say, Valued enough to be Heard. Change how communication works in your organisation

#  Problem Solving

When support is measurable, people step up to own their results: all of a sudden you have a team who not only want to achieve for you, but will be doing it for them too



It is exceedingly difficult to define the secret of exactly how Karina makes a difference, even for those who’ve studied with her. In Karina’s 4-5 day retreats, she defines new possibilities whilst making it impossible to return to old habits and ways. Can Karina create results? Without a doubt and you can rest assured if she believes she will deliver a result, that she will.

Imagine the distinct and specific needs of your organisation or audience being met in a bespoke program. Discuss with Karina what you want and watch her deliver. She’ll craft the program to create the results you seek; your audience will be empowered with what they need to make it happen. Her versatility of experience and knowledge stems from watching people and how the best create their results. Perhaps your people are ready to create significant change, to be empowered to create their own ongoing success through implementing what they’ve learnt. Her limitations are created only by time. She’s in demand and is selective as to whom she’ll share her time, values are important. Karina’s passion is for working with people ready to make a difference, to create massive change each and every day of their lives.

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