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Sep 20 Inspire Me…Creating Abundance

Are you bogged down in life, sick of seeing the same old-same old? It doesn’t have to be this way, for you are capable of so much more than you can believe. Who was it that created the ceilings of how much you could have or achieve, of just who you could be? Time to step out from under the old paradigms and to start truly living your potential. Read More

Target > Pure Joy – Fraser Island, Qld, Aug 2020

Awaken the energy inside you which underpins your happiness, love, abundance, health and wellbeing and use it to realign your life with one you can’t wait to start living.
Life has a way of destroying happiness. Immerse yourself in 5 days with Karina Godwin on Fraser Island and allow her to share her success in transforming her own and the lives of others from sadness by learning how to target Jo Read More

Feb 17 Opportunity is Yours 4 Day Luxury Retreat

What are you doing? Life’s not going to get where you want it to be by hoping things will change. You need inspiration, plans, and action driving this change and Karina knows just how to help you find it. Learn what to change and how to go about it by distancing yourself from all that keeps you stuck. Sometimes you need something very special to create the inspiration and clarity. Read More

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