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Jul 17 Harmony 2 Day retreat

Harmony is all about how you place yourself in the world, how you utilise this gift we have called life. Harmony is such a state of peace that you fail to imagine how you lived without it.
In the state of Harmony, you live within a balance of what you give and receive, and how you feel. It’s creating a platform of contentment, an emptying of internal and external conflict. Read More

May 1 Affinity 2 Day Retreat

Affinity is for new and existing relationships that matter. For having experiences with people that feed you both, with kindness, productivity and even profitability.
When we talk about Affinity, we’re talking about connection. Connecting to people you love, people you care about and those who move in and out of your life… in a way that feeds your happiness and contentment in life. Read More

Inspire Me…Creating Abundance – Postponed

Are you bogged down in life, sick of seeing the same old-same old? It doesn’t have to be this way, for you are capable of so much more than you can believe. Who was it that created the ceilings of how much you could have or achieve, of just who you could be? Time to step out from under the old paradigms and to start truly living your potential. Read More

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