To create wellbeing, it is first necessary to find out what needs to be ‘well’
When I woke with a super rare and aggressive cancer, I understood how many times I had ignored both my body and it’s inner wisdom. It was a wakeup call that I couldn’t ignore if I planned on living, the pathway to change had to accommodate there wasn’t a cure to save me. And change I did, until everything became right again, and my body once again had all it needed to recover my health and wellbeing.

To achieve wellbeing, it is important to learn and to listen to the inner wisdom of the body, to it’s urging and encouragement to create the changes and give it anything else it needs. For without wellbeing, there is little or no true joy or happiness. You’re too tired, broken, pressured, stressed or worn out to do for you what you’re typically managing to do for others. Each day we have the opportunity to listen, to hear what the Soul inside of us is saying to ensure health and happiness are our everyday reality.

Yet, to listen you need to find a sense of quiet, a stillness that will allow the voice of the Soul to be heard. For when it is unheard, it speaks through the body and emotions, as we lose both the ability to sustain our health and support our emotional state of being. Our greatest wisdom and a pathway of ease lie within that voice and learning how to listen is your future story of success.

I wish for you the opportunity to create wellbeing in your life and in those you care about, without the necessity of an awful wake-up call, where health of your body and mind fuel a mindset that helps you to create the life you love living. Find it through meditation and healing…

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Finding quiet is something that the wise have done for centuries, through meditation, contemplation and even having time out. But when you’re out of practice in finding stillness, there’s nothing better than to have a guide. I create bespoke guided meditations for healing, wellbeing and balance and have been doing so for over twenty years. They’ve evolved into recorded albums, as not everyone has the time or proximity to access my in-person live classes. Albums are available via our shop or your music channel.

Classes are offered through Bienestar Wellbeing

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We seek balance in everything without even realising it, yet sometimes it is beyond us. Perhaps we cannot see or perceive what is required or don’t know how to go about changing it. Or maybe, we try and try again without success. Change requires a particular mindset and to have success your energy needs to be both balanced and flowing freely.

Healing does that, identifying and clearing these blocks to the energy flow that impact your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It opens a pathway for you to find your own way back to the person you were born to be. It’s a fast-track to wellbeing, supporting you to let go of what you hold on to and to open your heart towards a happier and healthier state of being you. I created the Meliae Intuitive Healing modality in 2003 to facilitate creating a fast-track with the nurturing, support and guidance to make it true for you too.

Meliae Intuitive Healing treatments are offered though Bienestar Wellbeing.